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A Reading group that combines the joy of reading with adaptations of books in various media; film, theatre, radio plays etc. Our reading material: the classics, science fiction, crime, literature, non-fiction - in short from Asimov to Zola and everything between. We meet every 2 weeks (flexible depending on groups availability), discussing the current read while reading it. We talk about the book and bring to the discussion supplementary material relevant to the author and/or story or period. Our aim is to lift the words off the page to enjoy and experience the author’s creation in a multitude of ways.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Our First Meeting

We had our first meeting at The Ship in Bedford today. It was a very good meeting. Not a lot of chat about Dune yet but that will come in our next meeting February 09 at 12:00 again at The Ship in the Cabin Bar.

The Ship is a great place to have our Book Group meetings an excellent atmosphere for book talk.  

The next book we will read beginning February 09 is Dracula by Bram Stoker. On the 9th we will decide where we will read up to for our mid-book meeting so bring your copies with you.

I want to thank Hannah & James for coming and offering great ideas for what we can do and read. One superb idea was to read a book set in Bedford and visit locations used in the story.

In the meantime keep reading Dune and keep an eye out here for more interesting posts over the next 2 weeks. I have a number of interviews with Frank Herbert to post - both audio and transcribed. Also a few poems written by one of our members. Poems inspired by Dune.

Happy reading,


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  1. Hi!

    I had a good time at the Book Group today - it was great to meet you and James. I've just been blogging about it. Looked up a few bits about Bram Stoker and as painful as the pun is I think it's something I can really sink my teeth into (haha!) Will have to go and write the ideas down before they run away from my brain!