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A Reading group that combines the joy of reading with adaptations of books in various media; film, theatre, radio plays etc. Our reading material: the classics, science fiction, crime, literature, non-fiction - in short from Asimov to Zola and everything between. We meet every 2 weeks (flexible depending on groups availability), discussing the current read while reading it. We talk about the book and bring to the discussion supplementary material relevant to the author and/or story or period. Our aim is to lift the words off the page to enjoy and experience the author’s creation in a multitude of ways.

Monday 21 January 2013

Next Meeting: Saturday, 26 January @13:00

The next meeting of Bedford Book Connections will be held on Saturday, 26 January @13:00. The location is The Ship, 7 St. Cuthberts St, Bedford, MK40 3JB (the Cabin Bar). 

We are currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert (up to the end of Book I). Even if you have not finished the reading come along and see what we are about.

A brief synopsis of the reading group: 

Our aim is to meet every 2 weeks, once midway through the book to discuss the book thus far and for each member to choose a topic to gather extra material relevant to the author/book to be presented when we finish the book. For instance one member may want to give a brief bio of the author or collect some reviews to discuss - the list is endless but the idea is to lift the words off the page and expand our understanding and joy of reading as well as fuelling discussion and scope of the story/author. Also, when permitting we will watch a film adaptation of the book and/or a radio play to see how, or if the book was adapted well in another medium. Being a new group we are in the process of ironing out details such as dates of meeting and where we can get together to watch a film or listen to audio. The aim is to have collective impute and decide together what to read and to what form supplementary material/discussion will take. Thus creating a fun and unique reading group experience.

Hope to see new faces on Saturday,


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