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A Reading group that combines the joy of reading with adaptations of books in various media; film, theatre, radio plays etc. Our reading material: the classics, science fiction, crime, literature, non-fiction - in short from Asimov to Zola and everything between. We meet every 2 weeks (flexible depending on groups availability), discussing the current read while reading it. We talk about the book and bring to the discussion supplementary material relevant to the author and/or story or period. Our aim is to lift the words off the page to enjoy and experience the author’s creation in a multitude of ways.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Images of Dune

Here are some great images of Dune, the desert planet of Arrakis. Something to think about while reading.

Cover art from original Analog serialization of "Dune World":

Dune (Chilton Book Co., 1965, 1st Edition):

 Paperback cover art:

A Sandworm:

Original art by John Schoenherr (sold for US$26,290.00 in 2011):

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  1. I love these book covers! Awesome. Moon Traveller