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Thursday 24 January 2013

Images of Dune, Part 2: The Art of John Schoenherr

This post is dedicated to the amazing art of John Schoenherr (July 5, 1935 – April 8, 2010) the original illustrator for Dune. Sit back, listen, taste, smell and experience Arrakis through the vision of a great SF artist.


"The Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam sat in a tapestried chair watching mother and son approach."
 "The Baron moved out and away from the globe of Arrakis. As he emerged from the shadows, his figure took on dimension - grossly and immensely fat."
 "The door across from Paul banged open and an ugly lump of a man came through it preceded by a handful of weapons."
 "She took sheath in one hand and handle in the other, withdrew a milk-white blade, held it up."
 "Every available space in the room was crowded with exotic, wet-climate plants."

 "This is Stilgar, chief of the Sietch I visited, leader of those who warned us of the false band," Idaho said.
 "Nothing wins more loyalty for a leader than an air of bravura." The Duke said. "I will, therefore, cultivate an air of bravura."
 "We waste time," the Duke said. He gestured to the waiting 'thopter, led the way, accepting the guard's salute with a nod.
 A wide hole emerged from the sand. Sunlight flashed from glistening white spokes within it. The hole's diameter was at least twice the length of the Crawler, Paul estimated. He watched as the machine slid into the opening in a billow of dust and sand.
 Kynes' thoughts were overwhelmed at last by the words of prophecy: "and they shall share your most precious dream."
 "Idaho's dark, round face was drawn into a frown. His hair, curling like the fur of a black goat, was plastered with dirt. A jagged rent in his tunic exposed an expanse of the dress shirt he had worn at the dinner party earlier."
 "Remember the tooth!" Yueh hissed. "The tooth!"
 "The Duke Leto Atreides came through the door. His arms were bound in chains, the eagle face streaked with dirt. His uniform was ripped where someone had ripped off his insignia."
 "Paul thought back to the impotent rage as the strange 'thopter dived out of the night onto them, stooping like a giant hawk above the desert with wind screaming through its wings."
 "It was like an ancient naval battle, remembered shellfire, and the sight held them staring."

 "The man took a tiny tube, held it beside the Bat's head and chattered into the tube; then, lifting the creature high, he threw it upward."
 "We have the tiger by the tail," Paul whispered. "We can't go down, can't land ... And I don't think I can lift us out of this. We'll have to ride it out."
 "Jessica leaped off the 'thopter and ran, scrambling and sliding up the dune. She heard Paul's panting progress behind."
 "The mouth snaked toward the narrow crack where Paul and Jessica huddled. Cinnamon yelled in their nostrils. Moonlight flashed from crystal teeth."
 "Somewhere beneath him, the pre-Spice mass had accumulated enough water and organic matter from the little makers, had reached the critical stage of wild growth."
 "In the moonlight and reflection off grey stone, Paul saw a small figure in Fremen robes, a shadowed face peering out at him from the hood, and the muzzle of one of the projectile weapons aimed at him from a fold of robe."
 "He bent over the mound of belongings, lifted out the Baliset."
 "Feyd-Rautha lifted the barbs high, nodded in an almost-greeting. The gladiator pounced."

 "An image unfolded before the mutual mind's eye: a young girl with a dancing spirit and tender humour."
 "Hawat watches everybody."
 "Chani joined him outside the tent, hugging her elbows, looking up at him from the corners of her eyes the way she did when she studied his mood."
 "Paul waited on the sand outside the gigantic Maker's line of approach."
 "The smuggler's Spice factory with its parent Carrier and ring of drone Ornithopters came over a lifting of dunes like a swarm of insects following its queen."
 "Paul Muad'Dib."
 "Through it all threaded the realization that her son was the Kwisatz Haderach, the one who could be many places at once."
 "Will you look at that thing!" Stilgar whispered.
 "I'm sorry, grandfather," Alia said. "you've met the Atreides Gom Jabber."

"Breathing deeply to restore his calm, paul pushed himself away and got to his feet."

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  1. Amazing artwork, for an amazing book!!!! Moon Traveller